Orange County Recommendations

Due to current Orange County recommendations: “Essential” may be the new “optional.” 


Visits that we consider ESSENTIAL: 

  • All well child visits for kids 18 months and younger
  • Well child visits for 4 and 11-year-olds
  • Vaccine visits – especially flu boosters

For ESSENTIAL visits we highly recommend that these appointments are NOT delayed. 

Visits you may consider OPTIONAL: 

  • Yearly Physicals that do not include vaccines
  • Medication checks if your child is stable on his/ her regimen

These OPTIONAL types of visits are fine to delay for several weeks (or more if necessary).
Your child will continue to receive medication refills as needed. 

In an effort to minimize contact between well patients and potentially sick ones, we are changing our SCHEDULING structure until at least April 17th. 

  • ALL Well Child Visits will be scheduled between 8am and Noon.
  • ALL Sick Visits will be scheduled in the afternoon.  These sick appointments will be scheduled starting at noon.  We will add appointments SEQUENTIALLY as parents call with a need.  If you think your child needs to be seen that day, please call before 12 noon to schedule.
  • Overall, we are DECREASING our hours of operation in order to conserve resources.
  • Our hours may change on a daily basis depending on appointments scheduled.  If you call the office during our normal business hours and reach our voicemail, please LEAVE a MESSAGE.  We will be checking messages on a regular basis and someone will get back to you.

We are working diligently to make sure there is only ONE family in the open space of our office at a time.
This takes cooperation and planning. As per our current request: 

  • Please arrive within 5 minutes of your appointment time.
  • Upon arrival please wait OUTSIDE our door for someone to greet you and then escort you back to your exam room.
  • IF YOU ARE LATE, please call us from the parking lot and await further instructions.

Noelle will be calling many of you over the next few days to make some scheduling adjustments.
Joy Baylis and Dr. Trout have plenty of available appointments.
As we work temporarily on this “Novel” schedule, please be patient.  Please be flexible.   

With Love,
Your Doc PAM Team 

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We used to be able to do just as we choose.
Today we will think and pick a new way.
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