Guess what we got?
A whole lotta flu shot!
For kids and for you,
Make appointment or Drive Thru!

Flu shots are in!

  • We are happy to vaccinate your child (and any members of the family) while they are in the office for a visit.
  • You can also call to schedule a vaccine appointment.  Just let us know who all will be wanting a shot.
  • DRIVE THRU FLU is back again!  CALL NOW to schedule.  It only takes about 5 minutes to drive through the stations in our parking lot.  There will be freezy-spray, pictures, bubbles, and of course those yummy cookies.  Again, we can vaccinate anyone in the family, just let us know who when you call to schedule.  Drive-thru events will be on Saturdays from 8am til 12 noon:
  1. September 16th
  2. September 30th
  3. October 14th
  4. October 28th
We recommend all patients get protected against the flu.  Even better if parents of babies get vaccinated to help protect them from illness.  Have questions about the benefits of getting your yearly shot?  Feel free to ask me anything.  Vaccines are my favorite topic!  See you soon!
Love, Dr. Trout